Uber-Consistent, Honest & Full of Smiles

Not only year to year, but across varietals, this winery is uber-consistent in its honest delivery of grape and place. Better still is the reliable purity with which their wines express themselves. Are they the most complex and multi-dimensional wines in the world? Not yet, but they are definitely in the game at these price points. Also, there's promise here and plenty to like right now. You'll be hard-pressed to find competition achieving this quality to price ratio. 

2021 Domaine Bousquet Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Tupungato $18
Classic in color, movement, and viscosity, the aromatics swirl, leading with mountain violets, eucalyptus, and red currant. These persist in the palate where vibrant red/black fruit shines from within, and here is where the organic farming smiles in the wine. As air does its magic, the texture unwinds, letting the body unfold and expand. Oak is present, but not overbearing, and will hopefully subdue over time, because the bones of this cabernet hint at even better things to come for those with the patience to wait. Good luck with that, though; this is really easy to enjoy right this minute. (Sample) 92 Points