Worth Revisiting: Anderson Valley

The recent flood of pinot noir on the secondary market (flash sale sites, etc.) suggests that the Sideways effect may finally be waning. Even heralded producers have done some liquidation, though those desiring to protect their brand equity are unloading their excess in either bulk or shiners (bottles that haven't yet been labeled.) Whatever the underlying reasons, the result is some pricing attractive enough to look anew at what's on sale. That's how today's wine come onto the radar.

From a celebrated Santa Cruz Mountains producer, the 2018 Rhys Anderson Valley Pinot Noir comes from their estate vineyards about a 3 hour drive north of the winery. While this area doesn't get the press that Napa, Sonoma, or Santa Barbara enjoy, it's home to some of California's most real winemaking. This pinot exemplifies that. It is decidedly North Coast in its flavors, but with a mineral polish and restraint that makes it both sophisticated as hell and irresistible. Though you may have a hard time scoring this particular deal, the savvy consumer will be on the lookout for wines (especially Burgundian varieties) from this region.