DNMC: One of Those Wines

Every once in a while a wine comes along that captivates at first glance, haunts you until you get more, and then repeats the cycle. Since being introduced to the Portuguese red, 2022 Filipa Pato D.N.M.C. 'Dinamica' Baga ($18) earlier this year, I've probably bought a case of it.  

Why? Well, it scratches a lot of itches, despite being just beyond my pricing comfort zone. For staters, it's a lower alcohol (12%) red that delivers phenomenal flavor and exquisite acidity. It's also biodynamically farmed, which is evident in its purity. On opening, it's alive, bordering on effervescent, but that settles down with some air. The result is a gulpable red that overdelivers and can play nicely with a wide range of cuisines. And it gets extra points for bucking the trend in Portuguese reds, which tend to be dense and brutish.