Summer's Antidote to Pink Plonk

Shelves are, predictably, awash in overpriced rosés these days. Sure, there are some exceptions (like the wine below,) but this is one category where buyers should beware. Wineries with no history in the pink stuff have come off the sidelines, attracted by the short time-to-market and the trendiness of the stuff. Can't blame them, though I'd like to think it'll all even out in the wash of time.

In the interim, there are a number of rosés that will bring a smile to your face without draining the wallet. Case in point: the 2023 Domaine Bousquet Organic Rosé Tupungato ($13)

From my favorite Argentine winery way up in the Mendoza hills comes yet another easy-drinker. A blend of 50% pinot noir, 30% syrah, and pinto grigio/viognier, this is a porch-friendly gulper. Is it ethereal? Of course not. It's $13. What it lacks in complexity it more than makes up for in practicality. Dry, medium-bodied, and equal parts acidity and fruit, it's a mountain quaff that makes for a safe bet all summer long.