Take 2: Revisiting And Reaffirming A 93 Point Spirits Review

It's pretty unusual to see the same product reviewed twice within the same year, let alone the same quarter, but here it is - and not without reason.

Just last month, this review for Rootstock Spirit's Applejack 5 Year offered that, "Whatever it might lack in mid-palate heft it more than makes up for in its refinement. Very highly recommended."

Having had a chance to introduce it to a wide-eyed neighbor (and, thus, partake again myself) recently, I found myself falling deeper for it. Sitting on the porch on a crisp spring evening, I found it lacking, well, nothing. It's excellent. And that is worth underscoring.

Chances are very slim that you'll find it at your local liquor store, but you can find it online here. You'll be glad you did.