Stellar Bourbon From Stellum

From the dream team behind Barrell Craft Spirits (previous reviews here, here, and here) comes a new line of whiskeys under the brand Stellum.  Recognizing that there's a diverse world of new whiskey enthusiasts discovering the category who are looking to try different flavors, Stellum is taking aim at this market segment with a more accessible price point and a quality consistent with Barrell Craft. For now they produce a bourbon and a rye, each priced at $55. While this price tag isn't exactly entry level, neither is what's in the bottle.

Stellum Bourbon $55
The deep red brown color is rich and sexy, and the color of polished mahogany, but that's nothing compared to when you stick your nose in the glass. Contrasting sensations hit at the same time: deep bass notes of caramel, charred wood, and corn serve as the foundation, while high-flying dried orange peel, Far East spices, and evergreen sap soar on top. Taken at cask strength (bottled at 115 proof) and neat, the flavors are flashy and exciting, and echo the aromas. But a little water creates the space needed for this very fine whiskey to unwind and express itself more leisurely. The whole thing slows down, showing off its rye components, and a relaxed, companionable ease. The finish is sweet, but clean, languid, and beckoning. Modern in style, but with a core rooted in tradition, this is a bourbon for whiskey lovers. 94 Points (Sample)